Continuous Monitoring

What is Continuous monitoring program?

Continuous monitoring option best suits students who need help on a regular basis (typically 2-3hrs/wk). Under this option, the student will be placed on a fixed schedule of 8 hrs every month. Extra hours, if needed, will be provided. Under this package, there is no option of carrying over hours to the consecutive month. If there are two or more students from a single family then group tutoring is available at a discounted rate. Please inquire for further details.

The key benefits of this program are

 Continous monitoring and support needed to excel at academics
 Homework help
 Test preparation
 Assignments & Assessments
 Online session reports/feedback will be provided to parents after every session
 Big Bang for the buck

Occasional Help

Occasional help option best suits students who do not need subject help on a regular basis but at a specific period of times during their course of study. Students who wish to take help in submitting their assignments, developing a project idea or review during exams can avail this option.


What is Brite Math Program?

A novel curriculum developed by Brite Academy incorporating successful IB and Singapore curricula. The content is designed strategically to enable learners at any level to advance their existing skills. The course will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this program, students will be able to

 develop a strong foundation in the basics of mathematics.
 upgrade current mathematical skills
 improve mental Math and minimize dependency on calculators
 enhance analytical skills and refine their perspective towards concepts
 gain confidence and compete in Olympiads
 self-evaluate their performances
 engage in group learning and develop self-study

Program outline:

Brite Math program consists of six levels catering to students in grades 3 to 8.

Following are the features of the program.

 25 one-hour weekly sessions
 A session includes instruction, review quizzes, worksheets, and group activities.
 Homework sheets are provided and graded every week.
 Assessment based on in-class participation, completion of the class and worksheets, and quizzes.
 Performance reports are sent to parents every week via registered email.

MAD Math

What is MAD Math Program?

A novel curriculum developed by Brite Academy to advance existing multiplication and division skills. The course will be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers who have complete idea and command over how to make number sense easy to the students of any level.