About Us

BRITE ACADEMY / BRITE TUTORS is a fast-growing incorporation helping students in various courses of study with a primary goal of improving grades by imparting conceptual knowledge.The incorporation was established and is being run by teachers with a Ph.D. degree and over 17 years of experience in teaching English, Maths, and Science (Physics & Chemistry) at various levels of education (school and university).

We aim at enhancing learning skills and inculcating smart study habits amongst students. Currently, students from grades 1-12 and university level are being accepted for help in Mathematics, Calculus, Numeracy, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Trade exams.

Teaching methodology:

BRITE Tutors believe in interactive teaching as the best way to create interest and curiosity among students. Audio-visual aids will be used to deliver classes. Worksheets will be provided. Inquiry-based learning will be adopted wherever possible. At BRITE Tutors, students have two options to choose from; Continuous monitoring and occasional help.